Friday, August 21, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Samantha.....

I just wanted to share a little something from the weekend - My baby, Samantha turned 5 !! I cannot believe it. I can still remember my time in hospital as if it was 3 seconds ago. Now it is a lot of fun being able to tell her all the tales from then (leaving out the gory bits of course).

Sam and I always come up with ten million ideas for her party, and we both get super super excited, plus I tend to go on a bit about birthday parties (?!?)........but, ironically this year we ended up being so busy, that we decided on an arty party down the road at the local art shop.

Sam is always alongside me crafting up some sort of new ingenious creation out of a cardboard box, string and whatever else she can get her hands on for her latest "installation" - (think 90% of my cleaning time is right here !!). Her gigglepot brother Christian is following very closely behind - he is often covered in glue and stickers. And so an arty party perfectly suited the "brief" and she had an absolute BALL with all of her little buddies which is most definitely the main thing.

Happy birthday my sweetheart.

xx Kate

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