Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reindeer Cupcakes

I'm always on the lookout for simple cooking ideas for Christmas !! I came across a gorgeous little gem of an idea on New Idea TV the other day, and HAD to try them (and share some pickies). Aren't they cute ? We set up the kids table like a cooking show with everything in bowls ready to go (...just like the pretend cooking shows my best friend and I would have when we were 8) . The kids (and I) had THE BEST time decorating them that way....The ingredients ready to go..simple basic cupcakes, marshmellows, jaffas, brown M&Ms (and you might just have to eat all of the other colours - don't want to waste them), and Curly Wurlys.
Chocolate butter cream (or any chocolate icing would do) ...
You can cut the marshmellows in half width-ways so they are a little less "googly"... and also a good idea to stick the brown M&Ms on with a little bit of icing.
Add a jaffa nose, Curly Wurly antlers and pretzel mouths - you could also use the pretzels for the antlers as another idea... and voila !!

This is the 2 year old version of the same cupcake that my little guy made. We miraculously didn't eat a single one - and they are all ready to go for a Christmas party tommorrow. Lots of fun !! xx


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