Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Given Valentine's Day is next weekend, I best talk about love hearts. (Not that we technically celebrate it, as apparently it means more to receive flowers NOT on Valentine's Day, which I do get :-) BUT - it does seem I am as obsessed about love hearts as I am about polkadots. I draw them on everything (dockets, bank statements, shopping lists).... It is probably why the Sambellina logo has both !

My friend had a "do" recently where we were asked to tap into our creative resources and bring along something "handmade" - great idea hey ? Loved some of the things brought along. I was in gorgeous company and also met a very inspiring and lovely Caitlin from Pippi Joe.

Above was my contribution...What do you think ? I love the little bird holding a heart leaf under his arm - is he taking it off the tree for his little friend or putting it back on..... ?? Either way, he is working hard. xx Kate

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