Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Easter

Have a fantastic Easter break this weekend..... (I personally have been celebrating it for about 6 weeks now by "pre-buying" eggs and then eating them all up - it really isnt my fault that Easter Bunny's helpers put them on the supermarket shelves so early, is it ?).  I'm looking forward to our traditonal family Easter egg hunt we started just after Sam turned 1. Each year the "collection" of eggs found gets more and more supersized (hmmm not unlike our tummies afterwards :-).

Image via Pink Frosting

Happy hunting and happy Easter xx

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  1. Hi Kate/Sambellina
    Just strolling and scrolling through your website and marvelling at all your beautiful colours and have done such a good job and it is obviously a labour of love!
    Keep up the amazing job!
    All my love, Andrew Bina


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