Saturday, May 1, 2010

So who made up Mother's Day ?

Thank you to whoever did ...Genius idea !!

Is this phrase familiar ? "Muuummm-eeeeee, when is it children's day ?" followed by "Everyday !!"
How good is it for Mums to get their own universal day ? I feel so lucky to be a Mum, so to have a day where breakfast in bed, sleep-ins, and/or hand delivered cups of tea are close to "mandatory" too ? ....Well, high-5 to that !!

xx Kate 


  1. we are a new follower! loving your partyware!

  2. Hi Kate - Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that at my daughters pre-school mothers day morning tea raffle this morning one of the prizes was a beautiful pack of Sambellina party goods donated by Love to Celebrate at Roseville - it looked so beautiful all packaged up and I was very jealous I didn't win (sorry I didn't get a photo for you!!). Wasn't that cookie cutter fabulous - would be great for a party with a cookie on the side of one of your beautiful spotty cups! Hope you have a lovely mothers day. Leanne xx


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