Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Hearts..

I love hearts....and have always drawn them on everything, so of course have a giant heart up in our lounge room - which I dedicated to my Sam(bellina).

The story behind it (- just in case you were wondering ;-) ......
When Sam was about to arrive, I was WAY overdue, and tearing my hair out as I had nested, prepared, packed, repacked, renested, and was impatiently READY to become a Mum and meet my little girl !! One day - 9 days late - I decided to distract myself and do something creative, so went out and bought a giant canvas. For some reason, I then carried that canvas for about 9 blocks, wedged in between my arm and giant tummy. I was going to paint while I waited, but....about an hour after my trek, I went into labour......


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