Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My favourite book..

My most favourite story of my childhood was "Chipmunk's Birthday Party" in Richard Scarry's Best Story Book Ever... I can still remember how it felt when my Dad read it to me over and over with his funny voices. My parents gave it to my daughter when she was 18 months old and I still love reading it to her every time... Wonder if this is where it all started ??

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  1. I loved Richard Scarry books growing up - I still have four ragged old copies that my niece and nephew are now enjoying - will have to look back through them and see if I can find "Chipmunk's Birthday Party".


    PS Love your shop - found the link to your blog then your shop through My Life-My Loves and am very excited about all the lovely party gear. I am the party aunty extrordinaire in our family so I will definitely be dropping by to pick up some goodies for our next party!


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