Thursday, July 23, 2009

Magnolia Square : August 6-8, 2009

We are having our official "launch party" (aka. first public appearance - eeek) at the gorgeous Magnolia Square - a boutique pop-up market up the road at Malvern Town Hall - in 2 weeks today !!! I have always been absolutely mad about this market and have never come away empty handed (at a minimum with a cupcake in each hand) - so it is such a treat and a privilege to be a part of the line-up this time.

There is something at this delicious event for everyone (ok - maybe a little less for the discerning man-shopper) and so best not to miss it.

So if you are in Melbourne, please pop in and be sure to come by and see us for some party polkadots, princesses and pirates.

Thank you also to Brooke for your blog love in Magnolia Square Snippets....

xx Kate


  1. Hope it's been going great, Kate! Can't wait to see your pics!

    Jenny x

  2. pleasure Kate - hope you enjoyed it XXX


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