Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas presents for teachers ?

I dont know about you but this time of year I search around for pressies for the teachers that are not cheesey, or that won't be put straight in the back of the cupboard (or worse - regifted)... I am a big fan of FOOD as presents - and I find, generally that most other people are too. So this year, what about a jar of homemade cookies, or chocolates ?
Grab a jar from IKEA (these little bargain babies are only $3.99 each - and the bigger versions are only $5.99 !!), and tie it with a stylish Sambellina gift tag and some stripey ribbon...... and there you go, instant style with a warm feeling behind it. I know this is seriously cheating - but I have found the BEST packet mix for choc-chip cookies. Try out the "Betty Crocker - Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies" - all you add is butter and 1 egg and BING - you have very yummy cookies. They can be easily be entirely made by kids. I have cooked them with my kids quite a few times now - each time, they come out chewy, round and taste very similar to MRS FIELDS cookies - gold !!! (Hmmm...should I be admitting this ?)

You could even buy some chocolate macadamias or bon bons or anything really and do the same. Happy cooking !! xx


  1. Love it! I'm doing that too with my trusty shortbread recipe.
    Love the pics x

  2. what a good idea... I'm definitely going to use this soon!


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