Sunday, January 17, 2010

It has been decided....

Sam announced yesterday that she has decided that she would be loving (ie. having) a butterfly garden party for her next birthday. Hmmm... 8 months notice should be fine - having said that, she has started the plans already and is designing exactly how it should be. (And of course, I have it brewing in the back of my head now). I think maybe a pink / green theme ? Some colour inspiration............
How beautiful is this paper buttefly chandelier from Pottery Barn (oh how I wish this store was in Australia - and how my purse does not). I'm on the search for something like this for a hanging light in Sam's room.
The pondering and design process has begun... (and I can't wait to help her put it all together). Although, I think starting school in two weeks will distract her for a while ...xx Kate


  1. Oooh these pics remind me so much of my Mia's bedroom - soft greens, pinks, a homemade quilt from Nanna, an upcycled chest of drawers, subtle butterfly touches and our newest addition . . . . a butterfly chandelier! Almost freaky! Was contemplating hand-cutting hundred of butterflies and making this myself (as you do, right!) when cruised past my local Adairs and spotted it. Still waiting to be hung, but I am now inspired to get to that job this week. Gorgeous inspiration for a party - my girls have their plans all mapped out for this year too. Wonder where our daughters get this party planning thing from? LOL! Happy New Year, Kate

  2. Hi there girls.....Thanks for popping by - what a gorgeous room your Mia must have (and pssst - I bought one today too, ready to be hung - plus will work in nicely to the party theme now). My daughter tells me she is now dreaming of party photo shoots..its a lovely thing to be sharing with them isnt it ? Happy New Year too xx Kate


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