Saturday, April 17, 2010


Nesting Mummy bird in the tree waiting for her little one to arrive...
Thank you take home cake boxes to carry home extra afternoon tea goodies.

My sweet friend is about to have her first baby and her sister put together an intimate afternoon tea to celebrate and asked me to help her on the creative styling part of the project ...of course I jumped at the idea, especially as my friend loves "finishing touches" and appreciates lots of details. What fun I had..and I was so happy to be able to help her family give her a warm memory to treasure.. Here are a couple of the ideas to share from the little soiree...

A super simple fondue recipe from the ever fab 4Ingredients cookbook.

Using her favourite Sambellina Party Birds invitation as inspiration we chose a taupe / chocolate, red and white colour scheme. First thoughts that came to mind were chocolate, strawberries and marshmellows....which then led to a yummy orange chocolate fondue served with skewers of strawberries and marshmellows along with many other afternoon tea treats.

Flowered Chocolate Royals
 Sugar flowers attached with melted chocolate. 
Notes for Mummy and Baby in a keepsake box.

I cant wait to meet her little mini-me..... xx Kate 


  1. im drooling over the chocolates!!!! where are those chocolates from??

    ah would love to do a blog post on your partyware!

  2. Your comments are really appreciated - thank you :-) Mina - they are just Arnotts Chocolate Royals with sugar flowers stuck on top with melted chocolate.

  3. Kate - this is stunning!
    Any chance you could tell me the font name used for 'thank you' on the gift boxes? Not sure whether it is one of your own designs or not. Its just the look I've been hunting for.
    Regards, Natasha

  4. Kate, Incrível ...
    atodas Adorei como Idéias ...
    / Parabéns

  5. Thank you girls....Hi Natasha - the font is called "Fontdinercom". Yes, the thank you box design was by me to match our "Party Birds" invitation.....and then stuck to cake boxes. We have some gift tags coming out shortly that would work well too as thank you's.

  6. Thanks for your reply Kate. I'll keep an eye out for your new products!


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