Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The party planning bug has hit again, and I am thinking about my little boy's birthday coming up in June. It is FREEZING then in Melbourne, and chances are it will be miserable - brrr, but I am taking bets on the weather and hoping to set up a cosy (?!) outdoor BBQ at a miniature ride-on railway (where even adults get a kick out of it). Scaled down diesel and steam trains with tunnels, stations, signals and bridges. Christian is mad about trains (choo-rains) and our Sambellina "choo-choo" train invitation was designed especially with him in mind. First step was to order some gorgeous custom bunting from Giggleberry Creations - isnt it perfect ?

And...just as I have put on the planning hat on for all things train, up comes this super gorgeous train party below for added inspiration from the  The Party Dress - how adorable is that train ride ? Check out the details here.
Next stop, I have speak to somebody about the weather !!

xx Kate


  1. I'll have my fingers crossed for you that the weather is good to you!!

  2. That's a great party isn't it? I hope the weather holds up for you, I jsut had Zoe's christening over the weekend and it was outdoors and it was real let down as it was soo cold in Melb. I'm trying to plan her 1st bday now which is late May.. grr.. that darn weather!!!



  3. Yay for parties!! Thanks for the mention - it was an absolute pleasure putting the bunting together :)
    I reckon Mother Nature is on your side and the day will be amazing!!


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