Monday, June 14, 2010


The cookies - I was speechless when these adorable creations arrived !!

Sharon Wee is the amazing talent behind these train cookie favours. With a perfect eye for details, the delicious biscuits were customised to match the Sambellina Train invitation exactly - and tasted as good as they looked .....Sharon also offered to make a super-cute toadstool cookie to match our Garden invitation, which I love.

So, if you are looking for some gorgeous customised cookies to match your invitations or party theme - pop over to Wee Love Baking - You will be in awe of what can actually be made using fondant....xx

Images via Wee Love Baking


  1. Just checked out her website, wow!! But can she deliver to Melbourne?


  2. Definitely the cookies - they all arrived safely packaged and bubble wrapped ..x

  3. This party favor is incredibly awesome. If I'll get married, I'd wish my wedding theme is Milk and Chocolate just like my sister's party theme. Her party was truly wonderful and many visitors came over. Thankfully, my mom availed a San Diego tent rental services.


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