Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Just to share a couple more of the party details...

Beautiful quality fabric bunting by Giggleberry Creations - perfectly customised to match our colour scheme.  

For lunch we had a sausage sizzle for everyone. Each child also had their own lunchbox, with a drink, biscuits, bottle of bubbles, and party blower which they got quite a kick out of. Lunchboxes and hampers are great as kids love "their own personal" box and you can prep in advance - putting in mini bagels or croissants, sandwiches, honey joys / chocolate crackles, chips, fruit .....anything.

"Playdoh" style fondant train on the cake made by me on a track of licorice and chocolate sticks. This was actually eaten up by one of the little party guests ( - ewww ).

Martha Stewart cake stand from Spotlight with striped ribbon wrapped around the edge.
Kraft lolly bags were from a $2 shop with ribbon stapled to seal the top with a train gift tag. Vintage style blue / white straws were from Mon Tresor (also available at The Party Parlour) with recycled bottles from Woolworths. Another hit was a portable hot water urn for cosy Winter warm drinks.  Sambellina partyware and tags.

A perfectly scaled down old fashioned mini railway all running on either steam or diesel. Most of the parents remembered coming there as kids too (and it wasnt just the kids squealing in the tunnels). For those in Melbourne, it is the Diamond Valley Railway....Great for a Sunday family day out.

xx Kate


  1. I truly LOVE everything - this party is one that will be remembered for a really really long time :)

  2. can you tell me about the cake? was it made from square pans and was it 3 layers?


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