Monday, November 1, 2010

Is it too early to think about Christmas ?

Can you believe Christmas is less than 8 weeks ?!?! (Heart palpitations, excitement, new lists, long lists, more lists, party planning, pre-party season diet plans ......eek !!)

Last year, we were thrilled (and a little bit surprised) at how popular our little mixed Christmas gift-tag sets were. As such, we are excited to have them again this year for Christmas 2010.

For details on our mixed gift-tag packs, please check out this post from last year..and also this one.

Our favourite Red Polkadot gift tags and new Candy Stripe Red tags would also add a perfect finishing touch for Christmas wrapping this year.....Why not team them up with our new red striped party plates - which would be great for outdoor Christmas festivities, casual BBQs or summer picnics in the sun !!

My favourite comment about them last year was  ....
"With very little effort, it can look like you have made a lot !!"....

Happy Wrapping...
 xx Kate

1 comment:

  1. Oh Kate, I love these colours for Christma! My personal decorating style and also some of my stationery. I hope they sell like hot cakes again this year! :)


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