Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Surprise Tea Party

Yesterday was my big little girl's 7th birthday. Apparently, it was the most "awesomest" birthday ever. 
Birthdays always start in our house with pancakes, balloons and pressies delivered to your bedroom...and finishing with a loud, warm and fun family dinner.

This year, Sam had a surprise tea party to greet her from school. Just her and me. Together. Chatting. With cake. What fun I had setting it all up, and she loved it ( - "like, totally").

Inspired by Ava's Tea Party (lovely writeup by Babyology)....a tragic story, about a little girl lost too soon, and her Mum who beautifully encourages parents with an annual August tea party tradition, to take time out, slow down, forget about the million things going on around you and in your head - for a moment, and just soak them in.

Happy birthday my angel...... xx Kate


  1. Lovely Kate. We will have our little tea party for Ava this weekend x

  2. So special Kate - it is my big girls 7th birthday tomorrow so I am planning a little tea party on the weekend with just us girls in the house! We will take time to remember Ava as well. Leanne x

  3. Kate, this is the most beautiful thing to have done for your daughter! What a special moment for mother and daughter! It looked so beautiful too (as always) You're a beautiful mum xxx (Kate, KMK)

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  5. Lovely birthday tea party!! Balloons, flowers make this day more splendid with their glory. Want to arrange similar tea party for my niece’s birthday party at one of New York venues. Will surely have elegant flowers and balloons there for decor.


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