Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why I love birthday parties.......?

I have been asked a few times why I chose a business related to birthday parties .....

For me, it is a very easy question to answer.

The day each of my babies were born - was the most special, mind-blowingly amazing, moving days of my life, filled my heart to the brim and the bond was sealed forever. I love them both to the end of the earth, and every birthday, for me, is a celebration of how lucky I am to be a Mum to these precious children.

Birthdays are just fun !! I love going to every birthday party - everybody is happy, the parents are so proud and the unbridled joy and excitement in the room is always infectious. The light in the eyes of the birthday girl/boy when those birthday candles come out. What is there not to love ?! And on top of that, Mums often get to spread their creative wings and play a little (or a LOT) with colour, paper, balloons, cakes, and sugar.....

Whether a party is one bowl of chips and a birthday cake, or has a giant jumping castle delivered by fairies that spits out smarties, if the reason for having a party is the same - celebration, joy, and fun - then, how can they not be one of the best things in life....

I have one of the best jobs out and love it almost as much as birthday parties ...

xx Kate


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