Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things I love...polkadots

It's no secret how much I love polkadots....sweet, fun and timeless... they can be modern, classic or retro all at the same time. I obviously gravitate to them as I have so many favourite spotted finds - here are some of them. Gertie and Me bunnies. These are the BEST soft toys around - so unbelieveably adorable. I have found many excuses to buy these over the last couple of years - I think my kids have about six different ones between them. See them also at one of our stockists The Hip Infant.
Huckleberry Lane PJs - we have lots of these soft cuddly numbers !! Check out that nightie - could you not die ? Sam has it in pink and aqua. It looks so adorable on (and I have been told that it just wouldn't look as good on me). They have a beautiful range - My other favourite is the vintage aeroplane design for boys.

Red Polkadot Fabric Bunting from Festoon. Lovely thick double-sided quality.

Strawberries and Cream Bunting from Giggleberry Creations. This one is a best seller.

Would you believe Santa bought me this for Christmas ? I just HAD to have it. No reason. I just had to - My daughter has hundreds of tea sets, so this one is especially for me. I justified it thinking it might come in handy for photo styling sometime in the future. It is from T2 Tea and it all came in a red picnic basket.

Cupcake wrappers from The Cupcake Wrapper Co - often my cupcakes can look a bit dishevelled after coming out of the oven, so with some well placed icing and these little wrappers you can end up with a great finished look (and easily...).

Cupcake patty cases from The Cupcake Courier. Oh and incidentally, these would look very sweet alongside some Sambellina partyware for your next little occasion (I had to throw in a plug for our own polkadot goodness, didn't I ? )....xx Kate


  1. OOooh I am a HUGE fan of polkadots too, Kate, as you know! Thanks so much for including my bunting in your blog!!

    Jenny x

  2. Love love love polkadots too. So timeless.

  3. Great spotty finds you've got there! I LOVE that tea set too... a good excuse to hold a High Tea Party I say :D

  4. Great polkadot picks - love the bunny and the bunting.

  5. i love polka dots too!! gorgeous blog, and lovely products. sarah x

  6. I clearly love polka dots- some great finds! Though I don't need to be tempted into baking!


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